Sunday, June 12, 2011


I'm back with a new TOP 5 of my favorite food finds. It's been a long time since my last TOP 5 Post, plenty of time to find some yummy new favorites. The first one is something that isn't new to me. I've actually been buying these for a long time now. It is Gardenburger's.

I love a good veggie burger and I've tried lots of different brands that you buy in the freezer section of the grocery store. By far these are my favorite. I've noticed them on many restaurant menus such as Red Robin and that is usually what I will order. These boast strong mushroom and grain flavor. I usually will eat mine on a sandwich thin with all the regular burger toppings. I've even chopped them up and added them to salad's.

My next favorite find is from Trader Joe's. In fact my next 3 favorite finds are all from Trader Joe's. I don't think I've ever purchased anything from there that I didn't like. I especially like the Jelly.

It is reduced sugar strawberry preserves that are to die for. I've never been a huge fan of super sweet jelly and that is why I love this version so much. I spread this on my morning toast. It is tastes like ripe strawberries fresh from the garden not overly sweet or artificial.

Next, also from Trader Joe's are these Reduced Fat Cheese Puffs.

Last time we were there my 4 year old daughter found these and asked if we could get some. I reluctantly said yes because I'm not a fan of the cheesy fingers that happen with "other brands". I was pleasantly surprised with these. They are very light and not overly cheesy. The fact that they have 45% less fat than regular cheese puffs in a plus. My husband, who is not a fan of cheese puffs, loved these.

My last Trader Joe's find is their brand of popcorn.

My kids love popcorn and I love the fact that it can be super healthy if prepared the right way. The Trader Joe's brand is just that.  It says right on the box that it will prove, once and for all, that microwave popcorn made with all natural ingredients is not only possible but delicious. I like the fact that these are single serving bags which is just the right amount for my girls to split a bag between the two of them.

The very last thing I found recently are these mini ice cream cones from my previous post.

These things are just so darn cute. I am dreaming up different ways to use them. They come in boxes of 60!

Anyways, that is my TOP 5 for now.  I hope you enjoyed. I hope everyone has an awesome week ahead.


Pam said...

Great picks...I love TJ's!

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