Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Dinosaur Eggs

Easter is one of my favorite holiday's. I think it is because I love Spring and get so excited when the weather is warming and flower's are blooming. Easter is also a fun time for kids with eggs coloring, egg hunts, and bunnies bringing baskets full of goodies. Coloring eggs is a blast, messy sometimes but still fun. I saw this idea over at Our Best Bites and knew that I wanted to try it out. I've never seen eggs dyed this way but loved the way they looked. They turn out to look just like dinosaur eggs, way cool! Just a little something different to try other than just coloring the shells. Something else that was fun was turning those colorful eggs into a rainbow egg salad. My daughters love egg salad and making it rainbow colored just pushed it way over the edge for them. They were so excited. So to make this just take your hard boiled eggs and crack them on the counter gently to make little cracks all over the egg.

Then take liquid food coloring and color some water. I used Red, Blue, Yellow, and Green. Just a note, Yellow didn't show up very well for me. I like the brighter colors best.

Then you set them in your fridge to color over night. Remove the eggs and rinse them off with water. Now you will be able to crack some of the shells off to reveal the dinosaur eggs.

I like the way the shells look on the inside.

Then of course you could make some Rainbow Egg Salad if you want.

Have fun with it and enjoy!


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